Plus Size Tops Australia

Beautifully Styled Plus Size Tops in Australia for Every Gorgeous Curve

Embody Women is committed to creating timeless style with all our plus size tops in Australia so that your every beautiful curve flourishes in style. Our size-inclusive fashion label is designed and ethically manufactured in Australia for well-fitted, stylish, and high-quality garments. At Embody Women, size does not matter: to help you find the ideal styled blouse in Australia, what we care about is the design and a perfect fit.

When you’re seeking women’s blouses around Australia, know that we ensure the fit, structure, and quality of our full garment collection. Embrace those glorious curves and be defined by your glamour and style.


Ladies Blouses for Australia

We have a beautiful range of blouses and tops available in designer styles to suit your every mood and occasion. You might have given up on your search for the perfect white shirts in Australia, but your search will end here with us.

We have some of the most sought-after white tops, which you can wear casually with stunning high-waisted denim or spruced up to be more formal with a sexy black skirt. Here is a quick overview of some of our garment collections that you can choose from online:

  • From our shirts collection, you will find a gorgeous white linen blouse in a feminine silhouette style with a deep V neckline that will enhance your curves. With its beautiful bell cap sleeves and floaty layers falling from the ribcage, this blouse is perfect for multifunctional capability, transitioning from casual to formal.
  • Our range of linen and maxi dresses are exquisite for any occasion. You will find a beautiful linen dress perfect for a casual and relaxing picnic or a smart and stylish maxi dress suitable for a more formal evening event.
  • From our range of jackets, you will find the best black trench coat in Australia. A striking cold weather cover-up made from warm, blended wool and cinched at the waist for a stunning silhouette, the jacket’s half-cut sleeve allows freedom of movement and is perfect for layering, making it suitable for any weather conditions.

We have a full range of t-shirts, jumpsuits, and denim that you can choose from that are all of high quality and structured for an optimal fit. We believe that you should never be forced to wear ill-fitting clothes due to a lack of options, regardless of your size. At Embody Women, the glamour is endless for any queen of her curves.


Curving the Fit

Many of us are not fully knowledgeable about our perfect fit or size. This lack of clarity often results in an exciting shopping trip becoming a fitting room misadventure with an endless amount of “try-ons” that seldom result in a decent fit, let alone a perfect one. The Embody Fit System has helped many amazing women fall in love with dressing up again.

You can try on as many garments as your heart desires from home with guidance from our Fit System. With this system and our sizing chart online, Embody Women will help you to find your fit. Learn the basics of taking your measurements and submit them online so that a stylist can recommend the ideal styles and best fit for you.

  • When measuring your bust, you will wrap the measuring tape around your chest at its fullest part. Make sure that you keep the tape even and parallel for accurate measurement.
  • Measure your waist size around your natural waist, which is the smallest part around your tummy, usually on or just above your bellybutton.
  • Measure the hips around the widest part of your hip bones for a measurement that is the most accurate one to use for finding the perfect-fit denim or pant.

If you are nervous about your purchases after you have received your stylist feedback, know that you never need to be concerned about being stuck with clothes that are not perfect for you. You can make your purchase online and try it on when you get it, and if you are not satisfied with the fit, you can return it straight away. No hassle, no fuss.


We Love to Hear From You

At Embody Women, we design effortless pieces for all women to access. Your size does not define you—your style does, and we offer a style that is timeless. Contact us today so that we can help you find that perfect fit for your beautiful body.

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