This year AAFW will host the first ever plus size dedicated runway showcasing five designers including "Embody Women".

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Bonner, on the other hand, believes that committing to body diversity on runways is a commercial decision. “It doesn’t make any sense not to cater up to at least a size 18,” she said. “That’s where most women live and sit.”

The Curve Edit will feature six designers – 17 Sundays, Saint Somebody, Embody Women, Vagary, Harlow and Zaliea Designs – who Bonner describes as long-term clients of her agency.

Bonner says designers who do not cater to larger sizes are spending 100% of their energy on 20% of the population. “There’s a huge market they’re missing out on, of beautiful, fashionable, forward thinking women. I am that woman,” she said.

“We know how much retail’s been struggling. We’ve seen so many top designers go under, and I feel like if they’d been more inclusive, that might not have happened.”