Plus Size Maternity Dresses

Embody Women Australia is delighted to introduce our exclusive collection of plus size maternity dresses, thoughtfully designed to accommodate sizes 8 to 26. Recognising the challenge of finding maternity wear, particularly for plus sizes, we have crafted a range that celebrates both comfort and style. This collection offers a variety of designs suitable for every occasion, from relaxed outings to significant events. Each garment is creatively designed in Australia by Natalie Wakeling, whose inspiring journey from an internationally acclaimed plus size model to a pioneering designer is woven into every detail. Her designs strike a perfect balance between ease and elegance, earning accolades from esteemed platforms such as Australian Fashion Week and Elle. Our commitment is to provide every expectant mother with access to stylish, high-quality maternity dresses that not only fit beautifully but also enhance her confidence and comfort during this extraordinary phase of life.

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Our range of Plus Size Maternity Dresses