Plus Size Wedding Guest Dresses

Sizes: 16+

We take pride in offering an array of designs that elegantly grace any celebratory event, from close-knit wedding vows to grand matrimonial festivities. Our dresses, exuding the ethos of size inclusivity, underscore that your size is a reflection of your individuality, not a boundary.

Each garment is thoughtfully conceived in Australia by Natalie Wakeling. Her journey, from a globally recognized plus size model to a trailblazing designer, brings life and style to every stitch. Her creations, a fusion of timeless elegance and modern fashion, have been applauded by esteemed platforms such as Australian Fashion Week, and Elle.

Embody Women is committed to filling that gap, ensuring that no matter the role you're playing - whether it's a bridesmaid, the mother of the bride, the mother of the groom, or simply a wedding guest, your dress will be as memorable as the day itself. So step into the Embody Women universe, and unearth a collection that allows you to voice your distinctive style with poise and grace.

Our vision at Embody Women is to provide every woman with high-quality, fashionable dresses that hug her curves just right. We want you to stand tall and confident, glowing with our perfect fit promise. Our Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses, Plus Size Mother of the Bride Dresses, and Mother of the Groom Dresses in Plus Size, all stand as fashionable and unique alternatives in a sphere where options can be limited.


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Our range of Plus Size Wedding Guest Dresses