About Embody

Size Inclusive

Our ethos at Embody Women is that size does not define style. All women should be able to find well-fitted, timeless garments, that don’t compromise on quality.

Our aim is to fill the gap in the market as a brand that understands how to design from a size 8 to a size 26.

The spirit of our customers, is that they love to support & wear an Australian owned & made brand.

Denim for diverse bodies


Women have told us they love the technology behind our denim because they finally have a pair of jeans that suits them. This fuels our commitment to creating timeless styles with a size range that caters to our customers' diversity.

Where can I get mine?

The Embody brand is available for purchase online only.

We have helped thousands of women that thought they could never wear denim fall in love all over again.

You purchase the jeans that tickle your fancy, and with our no-stress REFUND AND EXCHANGE POLICY, we will make sure you find your perfect pair of jeans, in the comfort of your own home.


At Embody Women we value slow fashion that is timeless and classic. Sustainable fashion means buying investment pieces that you will keep in your wardrobe for years to come. With clothing landfill becoming a huge environmental issue, we aim to encourage our customers to invest quality over quantity.

The entire Embody range is manufactured in Australia, where we know the makers by name, and have complete confidence that all workers are being paid Australian award rates & work under fair conditions.


Within the denim industry, there are issues in terms of the environmental impact of the dying process in different parts of the world. The damaging effects of indigo poisoning are widespread, as chemicals can flow into rivers & contaminate food sources.

To avoid this, each Embody Denim garment is washed in an industrial family-run laundry & dye house in Sydney, that complies with Australian rules and regulations when disposing of chemicals.