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At Embody Women, we're not just about selling clothes, we're about promoting confidence and style for every woman. That's why our collection of size-inclusive shirts caters to all sizes, from 8 to 26. Designed with the modern woman in mind, our shirts offer a blend of comfort, versatility, and chic design. Explore our inclusive range of size inclusive shirts today and embrace your unique style​.

Curving the Fit

Many of us are not fully knowledgeable about our perfect fit or size. This lack of clarity often results in an exciting shopping trip becoming a fitting room misadventure with an endless amount of “try-ons” that seldom result in a decent fit, let alone a perfect one.

That's why we recommend booking a free styling consultation with our lovely Anneliese who will guide you through the process and help you find your perfect fit.

A few tips

  • When measuring your bust, you will wrap the measuring tape around your chest at its fullest part. Make sure that you keep the tape even and parallel for accurate measurement.
  • Measure your waist size around your natural waist, which is the smallest part around your tummy, usually on or just above your bellybutton.
  • Measure the hips around the widest part of your hip bones for a measurement that is the most accurate one to use for finding the perfect-fit denim or pant.
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