In 2005 Natalie Wakeling the Founder for EMBODY WOMEN desperately wanted a premium pair of designer denim jeans.
Jeans that had all the special trims, cool hardware, detailed pockets and embellishments with the perfect hue of blue.
Unfortunately, there were none to be found above a size 12, unless you were to head on over to the mens section for denim.
The anger and frustration of not being able to have an absolute staple in her wardrobe sent Natalie on a personal mission to create jeans for women that didn't have a body like barbie.
After a year of some serious searching for a manufacturer that would make jeans above a size 12, (and take her dream seriously) Embody Denim was launched with 4 pairs of jeans in 2006.
Flash forward to 2021, and Embody Women has helped countless women fall in love with denim all over again.
If you have been too scarred to try jeans, or have given up, then we would love to help you!
Simply email with your questions in regards to dressing for your shape or size.
Embody Women Is Proudly Australian Made & Owned.