#RealAustralianFashion - Embody Women


Let’s create a vogue-worthy fashion story for all Australian women #RealAustralianFashion
Do you feel invisible because you never see yourself represented in fashion images? Are you over seeing only very young, size 8 women wearing international designs in Australian fashion images? If you answered yes to both, join us and let’s fix this!
Natalie Wakeling is Australia’s top mature curve model and a leading designer of premium size-inclusive fashion. Natalie wants to push the envelope in Australia and give women back their power of being seen, heard and appreciated, beyond being a specific size or eternally youthful.
Where will the funds be spent?
“I intend to purchase a full editorial page consisting of high-end, inclusive Australian fashion, worn by Australian women of various size, shapes and ages, in one of Australia’s most respected high-fashion magazines”.
The cost to create this full page editorial with a professional team is approximately $30k
A Bus Shelter & Bus exterior adds for 4 weeks.
All talent employed will be paid for their services.
Production manager, stylist, photographers & models.
Location and studio fees.
Depending on the amount raised I would like to create 6 months worth of content to be shown in print and other forms of advertising.
This would allow consistency of the message to trickle through the media for 4 - 6 months.
Natalie aims to showcase the vast array of Australian talent in a beautiful, powerful and inspiring fashion story. Funds will be used to shine a light on Australian fashion brands and creative talent and allow them to be seen in a professional editorial that would not otherwise ever happen. This includes models, designers, bloggers and influencers who have made great sacrifices in inclusivity.
“I want to use the very best talent who support the use of women of different size and ages. With their collaboration, I plan to create an inclusive fashion story that has never been done before”.
If you are sick of being constantly disregarded and excluded in the Australian fashion industry, if you are tired of never seeing Australian curve brands in editorial features, please get behind this ground-breaking campaign. Our mission is to show the elite fashion community in Australia how valued a diverse range of women can be for their readership and to support small Australian businesses that are female-owned and run.
This is not just for all women. Hey guys, if you want your daughters, granddaughters, nieces etc, to grow up in Australia with pride in their unique womanhood, please consider donating. Bolstered by her recent Instagram post on this subject that created a tsunami of replies, Natalie knows how many people feel the same way as she does. Let's make a difference in the Australian fashion industry that does not speak to us all.
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