Size Inclusive Dresses

Embody Women proudly presents our exclusive range of size inclusive dresses, specifically tailored for sizes 8 to 26. We offer a variety of styles that cater to every occasion, from evening dresses for enchanting evening soirees to memorable special events such as wedding guest dresses.

Each dress is lovingly designed in Australia by Natalie Wakeling, whose transformative journey from a global plus size model to a visionary designer informs every stitch. Her masterpieces reflect a timeless elegance, celebrated by prestigious platforms such as Australian Fashion Week and Elle.

Our mission is to ensure that every woman can access high-quality, fashionable dresses that fit her beautifully. We want you to feel radiant and confident with our perfect fit promise. Step into the world of Embody Women's plus size dresses, and discover an alluring range that allows you to embrace your individual style and express it with flair.

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Our range of Dresses