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Sizes 16 to 26

A designer plus size jumpsuit is the perfect versatile item to add to your wardrobe in any season. It is an ideal alternative to a dress and an all-in-one solution when you’re struggling to decide on an outfit to wear. We offer a range of designs that cater to every occasion, from casual outings to special events. Our jumpsuits, infused with the spirit of size-inclusivity, highlight that your size is a part of your charm, not a limitation. Each jumpsuit is carefully designed in Australia by Natalie Wakeling, whose transformative journey from a global plus size model to a visionary designer influences every stitch. Her designs embody a blend of comfort and style, celebrated by renowned platforms such as Australian Fashion Week, and Elle. Our mission is to ensure that every woman can access high-quality.

A designer plus size jumpsuit is the perfect versatile item to add to your wardrobe in any season. It is an ideal alternative to a dress and an all-in-one solution when you’re struggling to decide on an outfit to wear. A quality jumpsuit is suitable for every body type and offers you practicality with numerous pockets, styles, and comfort. You can readily dress up a silver jumpsuit with heels for a night out or keep a casual black style by pairing it with sneakers. We offer a selection of designs, colours, and sizes so that you can find the perfect style to add to your wardrobe.

Tips Regarding a Jumpsuit for Curvy Ladies

When shopping for plus size elegant jumpsuits, consider our tips for finding the ideal style to suit your body shape.

  • Select a cinched waist for larger busts: Jumpsuits with a cinched waist are flattering on women who have a larger bust. You want to ensure that the garment doesn’t hang off your chest, making you appear even larger than you already are or hiding your curvy shape. Our Raquel boiler suit is a stunning style with slightly tailored sides, elastic at the back that gathers the material and adds shape, and a front tie to further emphasise your waist.
  • Opt for a wide-leg jumpsuit to suit curvy hips: For curvy hips, you can balance your body by selecting a jumpsuit that features a wide pant leg and a V-neckline. A wrap style can also elongate your figure for a stunning silhouette.
  • Balance your body if you have a long torso: Jumpsuits that feature one colour can help to balance your body proportions. Our Helena style jumpsuit offers a slim bodice with a wide-leg style, and the lightweight fabric makes it comfortable to wear for any occasion. A belted look will also create a waist and can make your legs appear longer. You are sure to love the shimmer fabric of this style, making it an ideal outfit for a wedding or formal dinner.


Things to Consider When Shopping for Plus Size Jumpsuits

You can get more value from your jumpsuit with these extra tips on comfort, size, and versatility.

  • Ensure that you select a comfortable jumpsuit: The perfect jumpsuit should be comfortable to wear all day, have enough room that you don’t feel restricted, and take you from the office to out for drinks with friends. When trying on your jumpsuit, try moving your arms around and over your head, sit down, and bend over to ensure that you have a full range of motion in your outfit.
  • Know your measurements before shopping: We know that shopping for clothing online adds to the difficulty of trying to guarantee that you select the correct size, so you should know your body measurements. Rather than trying to gauge your jumpsuit size by the pictures online, measure your chest, waist, and hips, then compare these measurements to the store’s size guide. Be sure to read the jumpsuit’s description as the store may have some suggestions for finding the ideal fit, such as going down a size.
  • Get more wear out of your outfit with a versatile jumpsuit: Search for a jumpsuit that you can dress down with sneakers and a jean jacket or wear to a special event by pairing with stunning jewellery and a pair of heels. Our plus size formal jumpsuits are perfect for various occasions, from the office to your best friend’s wedding.

What Sets Us Apart Regarding Plus Size Jumpsuits for Evening

We are dedicated to providing quality products that have minimal impact on the environment.

  • We are passionate about sustainable fashion: As one of Australia’s leading fashion designers, we do our part to provide durable quality products that can withstand many wears.
  • We are an eco-conscious brand: Chemicals and dyes from clothing, especially denim, can negatively impact the environment. For that reason, we wash our garments in an industrial laundry that meets Australian chemical disposing guidelines. 

What You Can Expect from Us Regarding Jumpsuits for Women

Our user-friendly online store, quality products, and secure payment options ensure that you have an enjoyable shopping experience.

  • Exceptional customer service: We offer excellent customer service from the point of first contact to after-sales support. You can readily shop our wide range of quality jumpsuits and more with our user-friendly online store. We provide detailed descriptions of our items, including fabric choice, size guides, and style information so that you can select the most suitable garment for your body shape and lifestyle.
  • Wide range of styles and sizes: We offer a wide range of jumpsuit styles, colours, and fabric choices, including our lightweight shimmer style Helena design, perfect for formal occasions. Alternatively, you can opt for an effortlessly cool look with our Safari Raquel boiler suit. We are body inclusive and provide garments up to a size 22.
  • Free delivery in Australia: You can enjoy the benefits of free delivery in Australia when you shop our clothing range. We process orders promptly and use trusted postal services to ensure that your items arrive in excellent condition.

Why Trust Embody Women Regarding Plus Size Jumpsuits for Women?

We provide an exceptional range of stylish, comfortable, and quality jumpsuits. We are size inclusive to ensure that women of every shape and size can readily find well-fitting and versatile clothing. We provide free delivery nationwide and have an excellent hassle-free exchange policy to ensure that you can get the perfect style and size to suit your requirements.

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