Plus Size Summer Dresses

Sizes: 16+

We're delighted to introduce our summer dress collection, epitomising the essence of summer with a flair for elegance suited for every sun-drenched occasion. Embracing the spirit of size diversity, our dresses celebrate the uniqueness of your figure, affirming that size is an expression of individuality, not a boundary. Created with care in Australia under the guidance of Natalie Wakeling, our summer dresses carry the legacy of her transition from an internationally recognised plus-size model to a groundbreaking fashion creator. Her influence is woven into each design, ensuring they are in line with the most revered fashion stages such as Australian Fashion Week and features in Elle magazine. Our commitment is to provide every woman with access to chic, premium quality summer dresses that promise an impeccable fit. We aspire for you to don our dresses with a sense of grace and self-assurance, confident in our dedication to a perfect fit.

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Our range of Plus Size Summer Dresses