Australian Made Jeans


Australian Made Denim

The Background of Our Australian Made Denim Development

Our Australian made denim range started with Natalie Wakeling, a global plus-size model from Australia who turned into a designer to bring the perfect fit to all women. No matter your body shape and size, we prioritise our entire range's fit, structure, and quality to ensure that you won't ever have to wear ill-fitting jeans again.


What Sets Us Apart Regarding Our Australian Made Jeans?

With black plus size jeans and our other ethically Australian made jeans, you won't have to think about where they come from or who makes them. With local products, all you have to think about is when you will be wearing your new jeans.

  • Local manufacturers don't cut corners and use any cheap labour. We operate ethically and meet high Australian standards, so you invest in higher-quality products.
  • With everything produced locally, the carbon footprint is a lot less than import. All our fabrics are local, and our manufacturers are local, which means that there is no travelling between the processes and hardly any travelling from us to you. You can order online for convenience.
  • By buying Australian-made clothing, you support the Australian economy and assist with opening jobs for Australians since the manufacturing shipments aren't going overseas.


The Benefits of Ethical Jeans in Australia

Slipping on a pair of perfectly fitting blue jeans from Australia is ideal for our weather and for any outfit that you may want to wear. Jeans are suitable for both hot and cold days, as they protect you from both the sun and a cold breeze. While supporting ethically made Australian goods, you allow us to supply you with gorgeous jeans that fit perfectly.

  • One of the most significant impacts of the fashion industry is the dyeing process—the lasting damages of indigo poisoning. We wash our denim in an industrial laundry and dye house within Sydney and comply with all the Australian rules and regulations regarding disposal.

  • Our denim is sustainable: you can take these jeans out of your wardrobe after a few years and wear them as if you bought them yesterday. We want to avoid the clothing landfill from getting higher, so we provide you with better quality and longer-lasting clothing that you’ll love.
  • We remain completely transparent and open about what we do and who we are through our entire process. We keep our supply chain as short as possible by working with a close-knit group of professionals and companies. We develop strong, long-lasting relationships with our business partners and all our customers and know our manufacturers by name.


Problems Ethical Denim in Australia Addresses

With our clothing manufacturing in Australia, remaining as ethical as possible is our goal. A pair of our black jeans from Australia will fit you perfectly for years to come, and you will be supporting a local Australian company.

  • Every day, we work to become more energy efficient within our company. We save energy by using local manufacturers with the right state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that no machinery runs overtime or unnecessarily.
  • By using a trusted laundromat, we support the country’s water-saving regulations. We understand that our nation experiences dry seasons and that saving water is critical to Australia's survival. Our laundromat maintains high standards for water and energy saving.
  • We reduce our waste trail by more than 50% simply by making our jeans last a lifetime. Knowing that our denim will last you years gives us a sense of relief in our efforts to reduce the clothing landfill. Our patternmakers and manufacturers use every centimetre of fabric that they can to cut waste.


What to Consider When Buying Your Designer Denim

Our entire design and manufacturing process ensures that your designer jeans have the perfect fit. We know that you may want to try on jeans, even through our online shopping process—that’s why we have our Embody Fit System. With this system, you can fill in your measurements, and we will recommend the perfect style of jeans for you.

You can make your purchase and try your jeans when they arrive. If you are not fully satisfied with the choice, you can simply return your purchase and try a different pair—just as you would find in-store, but even more convenient.

  • The Narrow Tempt is a cut with a fitted leg line and a higher waist that supports the tummy. This style is perfect for a classic Audrey Hepburn look, or if you're more of a casual style girl, you can pair it with a simple t-shirt and sandals. If you're not a fan of tight body jeans such as skinny jeans, narrow jeans are perfect for you.
  • The Skinny Jacqui is the ultimate high rise skinny with full tummy coverage and support. This skinny jean is perfect for all body types. With skinny jeans, you can play around with volume and style. No matter your body type or size, you can pair these jeans with an oversized or form-fitting top. The more comfortable that you feel, the better you will look.
  • Our Bootcut Fever comes tight around the thighs and flares a little lower than traditional flare jeans. With a higher waist, bootcuts are perfect for all body types. With our bootcut options being both diverse and comfortable, choosing what to wear may not be easy. You could go casual and wear a tee with sneakers, choose a nice top with sandals, or go all out and wear an upscale blouse with heels. Whatever the occasion, the bootcut will be there for you.


Why Trust Embody Women?

At Embody Women, we bring you only the high-quality clothing that you want while preserving our environment. As women, we understand the difficulties of walking into a store and being unable to find a pair of jeans that fit us right, and we know the toll that it can take on our confidence when we've tried on multiple jeans in our size and none fit. For this reason, Natalie started Embody Women, giving you the opportunity to find one pair or a few pairs of jeans that fit you perfectly. We don't compromise on perfection.

Order your favourite pair online or contact us for any further queries.