Plus Size Dresses Australia


Plus Size Dresses Australia

Empowering Women With Plus Size Dresses in Australia

Embody Women believes in dressing for your body shape and nurturing confidence. Investing in plus size dresses from Australia is a sure way to be beautifully you. Because we believe your size does not define you!


What We Can All Learn From Each Other

Body image is our perception of our physical self, which includes the image, thoughts, and feelings that we have about ourselves. Positive body image helps encourage self-acceptance, healthy behaviours, and creating self-esteem, which in turn influences your confidence in yourself and your skills. Body image reflects four different elements:

  • Our perception of our body, which isn’t always a true representation of what we look like. How we see ourselves is our perceptual body image.
  • Our feelings about our body, especially the corresponding amount of contentedness or discontent. Our feelings influence our experience with our bodies, called affective body image.
  • Cognitive body image, or our thoughts and beliefs about our bodies. Behaviour body image, which explains the actions that we take because of the way that we see our bodies.


Fun Facts About Embody Women

Our female team has one thing in common beyond their ability to curate a beautiful plus size party dress: their determination to be themselves. Our team members all stand out, and proudly so, because they believe that the world needs every single powerful, authentic female. We can happily share more about the team behind Embody Women:

  • Natalie, our founder, worked as a plus size model for Ford Models in New York before becoming a designer to share her love for self-acceptance (and exceptional denim) with others.
  • Anneliese is our resident go to stylist and customer service representative, she helps with making our customers feel valued and important when exploring thier fashion journey with Embody women.


About Embody Women

Our community is one of inclusivity and fun. At the centre of our brand lies the acceptance that comes with loving all of you. Our products, including our plus size maxi dresses, are size inclusive and range from size 8 to 22. Our premium items, including our birthday dresses in a plus size, are designed and created with you in mind—all of you, because all bodies are good bodies.

We create clothing in which women can laugh, play, work, and be. Our excellent quality reflects proudly local design and manufacture. Our ethically made ranges have broad appeal, as we are the leading Australian fashion brand advocating for size inclusivity. We offer free shipping throughout Australia and trouble-free returns.

Contact us now: our community would love to hear from you.