Female Empowerment Fashion


Female Empowerment Fashion

Feel the Power of Female Empowerment Fashion

If you are looking for the right fit of jeans and are overwhelmed by the different colours, types, cuts, and brands, opt for female empowerment fashion as it holds many benefits. Most big jeans brands only care about the skinny model or the latest millennial style. We are different as we are inclusive of all sizes, and we provide our Embody brand in sizes 8 to 26. All women should feel included and empowered and deserve to wear jeans that will make them look and feel good and fit them properly.

Females with a more prominent figure often resort to men's jeans or ill-fitting jeans in their size that don't look or feel great. We have made designer plus size fashion available to you to meet your requirements and so much more..


Why Our Plus Size Fashion in Australia?

We want you to feel good about yourself as soon as you open our website; we try and do this by adding a few things to our magic formula:

  • Models. Open any online clothing site, and all you see are standard size-10 models wearing clothes that won't look the same on you and probably won't have any sizes available beyond medium. You will notice that we use real women on our site, with beautiful curves, to represent Australian women accurately and how our clothes will look on you. You will already feel right at home and in good company; shopping from a brand that understands all body types and plus-sizes in Australia is often excluded from prominent fashion names.
  • Shape to your body. Trying on jeans and finding the right one for you is a tedious process, which is why we have made it as easy as possible to do this online. Please send us your measurements, and our stylists will send you the right size for your body type. Our well-fitting, timeless garments are all Australian-made, and we give you the option to try on these jeans at home and send them back per our refund and exchange policy if you want to try a different pair, and we will help find the right fit for you.
  • We encourage you to take your time choosing the perfect pair as this is an investment and a must-have in your wardrobe, so don't rush the decision just because you ran out of time.
  • As much as we want to empower women to look their best in premium plus size fashion, we also want you to feel good about the environment and how the pants were made. We support ethical practices throughout the process. We make sure that our designers are ethical in their production methods. All workers involved are paid Australian award rates. We only use a local family-run laundry that follows the correct procedures in disposing of chemicals, not adding to indigo poisoning or other environmental effects.
  • It is such an over-stated benefit when buying a brand, but supporting local will never go out of fashion. Our jeans and most of our other clothing items are all produced and manufactured locally in our Sydney and Melbourne factories. Female empowerment through fashion should start here at home and ripple out proudly to the rest of the world from a brand that understands the female form.

We all have different bodies; we all look and feel different some days as our hormones change as our body goes through its cycle. As women, we are good at hiding what is inside, but no matter what, we can all look good on the outside in elegant designer, size-inclusive plus size women's fashion in Australia. Bootcut, maternity, boyfriend, skinny – have a look at our size guide and find your perfect fit the first time around.


More Than Just a Label

Our own Embody label may include plus size clothing in Australia, but that is not where our fashion and women's empowerment stops. We believe that looking good is a big part of empowering women, and jeans have become the ultimate wardrobe must-have. Still, we offer you other fashions that can further strengthen your role as a woman in society.

  • Dresses. We stock linen and maxi dresses for your comfort that are sexy and elegant yet not too tight to make you feel uncomfortable. We update our site regularly, so do check for the latest stock.
  • Embrace your curves fully with a cheetah or Cleo jumpsuit, or stick to an elegant black boiler suit for a night out with a pair of gold heels and hoop earrings to be the belle of the ball.
  • A trench jacket or blazer is long enough to cover your hips but still has the flair you desire for a professional look. Pair with a long skirt or suit pants for the boardroom or dress down with our Embody jeans for a more relaxed look.

Whatever fashion look you prefer, get the base of a good pair of jeans right, and you're halfway towards creating your unique style by adding accessories and colour and leave your unique stamp on the world. You can also then be empowering women through fashion in the process.


About Embody Women

Embody Women was born from the model industry that still doesn't leave much opportunity for plus-size models or women. We make shopping easy and sexy again, and we want you to feel what power that has by putting it back in your hands. We ship using Australia Post and can do Express shipping at an additional charge of $10. Contact us if you want to give us feedback on any of our products or need any information about a specific product.