Plus Size Jeans

Explore our exclusive collection of plus size denim jeans, meticulously tailored for sizes 16 to 26. We offer a medley of styles that cater to every preference, from casual outings to special events. Our jeans collection, deeply ingrained in the principle of size-inclusivity, emphasises that your size is a strength, not a boundary. Each pair of jeans is lovingly designed in Australia by Natalie Wakeling, whose transformative journey from a global plus size model to a forward-thinking designer informs every seam. Her creations exude a timeless appeal, celebrated by prestigious platforms such as Australian Fashion Week or Elle. Our mission is to ensure that every woman can access high-quality, fashionable jeans that fit her beautifully. We want you to feel stylish and confident with our perfect fit promise. Step into the world of Embody Women's plus size denim jeans, and discover a versatile range that allows you to express your individual style with flair.

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Our range of Plus Size Jeans